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Or, in the case of beaded liners, from the flat floor to the track. Above Ground Pool Liners: Hard Side or Soft Side? First things first.
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  • I measured 5 times, and I come up with 26ft 9 inches across, and 52 1/2 deep.
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    We'll cover more on bead types further down.

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    Liners come in a lot of different themes, patterns, and colors.

  • Thicker material solves neither of these problems.
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    As far as above ground swimming pools go, the pool liner is a necessary component to the entire pool.

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  • These are J-hook, EZ Bead, DuoBead, Unibead, or Wilkes Bead.
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    Once your pool walls are up and assembled, a cove is material placed against the inside walls of your pool's perimeter that allows your liner to gently cascade down the pool wall, onto the angled cove, and then onto.

  • A round pool will have only two measurements; one for the diameter of the pool and another for the height (round example 24’X52”).
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